Christmas Magic | Knotted Headbands


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Christmas Magic Patterned Knotted Headbands

     These headbands are a stylish hair accessory having the look of a knotted headwrap and the on and off ease of a headband. Made with patterned fabric these Christmas headbands are a perfect festive, simple, and fashionable answer to keeping your hair back!


  • Thickness at knot: 1"
  • Headband base is white velvet


Each headband is well made with a sturdy white suede velvet base headband allowing for a soft and no slip design. Fabric and knot are securely fastened to the headband with no worry of loosening or coming off. Fabric is printed with your choice of pattern and is printed with clear pattern with no fading or blurriness for best quality


(Toy Soliders) Designed by Threadmama

(S is for Santa) Designed by Golden June