Off white folded liverpool fabric strip with nutcracker pattern.

Christmas Magic | Liverpool Fabric


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Christmas Magic Liverpool Fabric

High quality thick, 4 way stretch, textured fabric adaptable for all your crafting needs. Make cute baby headwraps, fun girl hairbows, knotted headbands for adults or kids, baby bummies, clothing and more! 


  • Material: Bullet stretch fabric
  • Pre-Cut Strip - width varies from 5" x 60"
  • Pre-Cut 1/2 Yard - 18" Tall x 60" Length
  • Pre-Cut 1 Yard - 36" Tall x 60" Length
  • Multiple yards purchased will come cut and not be continuous.
  • Bullet texture varies across the fabric.


Liverpool Fabric is stretchable fabric bullet textured on the front and smooth on the back. Thickness provides for good form holding without being stiff or coarse and is lightweight for better comfort. Pattern is printed on front with no blurriness having clear crisp designs. Backing is a clean white with no ink bleed through or markings. Fabric is available in three sizes giving you only what you need for your specific project. Fabric Strips are cut with headwraps and bows in mind being pre-cut to width allowing you to tie, sew, or cut it from there. Half yards and Full Yards are also available for projects that demand a bit more and also come pre-cut to size.


(Toy Soliders) Designed by Threadmama

(S is for Santa) Designed by Golden June

(Reindeer Games) Pretty in Pink Supply Exclusives Designs