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Fairest of All - Princess Necessities BUNDLE PACK

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 Fairest of All - Princess Necessities

Headband Kit

  • Royal Blue Satin Lined Headband
  • Gold Glitter Apple Felt
  • Gold Fairy Glitter Crown
  • Pair of 3.25" Red Sequin Mouse Ears
  • Royal Blue Glitter Dot Tulle

Clip Kit

  • Royal Blue Glitter Dot Tulle
  • Pair of 2.75 Royal Blue Glitter Mouse Ears
  • Pair of Red Ribbon Lined Clips
  • 3/4" Two-Toned Yellow Paper Flowers
  • Small Diamond Rhinestone Resin

Fabric Sheets

  • Premium Double Sided Fairest of All/Red Glitter Soft Faux
  • Bedazzled Red Chunky

Liverpool Fabric Strip

  • Fairest of All

Shaker Bow Clip Kit

  • Tiny Red Heart Resins
  • Glitter Princess Crown Felt
  • Royal Blue Glitter Ribbon Lined Clip
  • Royal Blue Star Loose Glitter


  • Acrylic Crown Keychain
  • Ultra Fine Red Iridescent Glitter LB306

*Quantities as seen in image